The experience of lip care at night

I am a person who hates the dry lips. If you feel that your lips are not moist, do not think about anything. Share my love items for everyone today. These are all for the evening, apply a layer before going to bed, there will be a baby lip tomorrow morning.

The care of the lips is the same as that of the facial skin. In the morning, because of the makeup, lip balm may try to choose a lighter and thinner, as a follow-up to the base of colored lipstick and lip gloss. Before going to bed at night, it is a good time to help your lips recover and smooth your lips. Because you don’t need makeup, you can choose a rich product. You can also think of this as an overnight mask for the lips. The only difference is that you don’t have to worry about the lips being too moisturized to cure acne.

On the other hand, I want to remind everyone that the lips are sometimes allergic. I myself was unfortunate because a jar of toothpaste caused allergies to the lips for a few months, but it was a blessing in disguise, and because of these months, I can personally try out what lip products have the strongest repair effect. Here are the best lip products I have used during this period:

  1. Jo Malone Vitamin E Lip Care Serum

(15ml, $25)

Speaking of this, I really can’t believe it. The lip balm of a perfume brand will be so easy to use! But she is the first-night lip care in my heart, and I don’t want to admit it. This extrusion is a yellow transparent paste with a medium to medium thickness. The mouth is not sticky at all, but the moisturizing effect is much …

How to choose an epilator

In the summer when I can SHOW a beautiful summer, many female friends like to dress up to show off their good body, but they are afraid that the indecent body hair will bring embarrassment to themselves. Therefore, how to remove body hair conveniently and effectively is Many women are concerned about the topic, and the safest and healthier way is to use a lady’s shaver. So how do you choose a lady’s epilator? Which is better for the epilator?


Method / step

First, the characteristics of the epilator:

  1. Most of the epilators on the market use the latest popular rubber skid, which makes the hand feel better
  2. the epilator usually has two speeds to choose from, can adjust the hair removal speed suitable for sparse and thick hair;
  3. hair removal is more thorough than the general shaver;
  4. can remove very short hair, can remove the hair root as short as 0.25 mm, the effect is lasting and thorough, the skin can remain smooth for three weeks.

Second, according to the design of the cutter head

The design of the lady’s shaving cutter head is good, directly affecting the effect of removing the body hair. The good quality hair removal device of the lady adopts the double floating cutter head with the straight cutter head and the arc cutter head. The straight cutter head is used for the flatness of the thigh and the lower leg. The hair growth site, the curved cutter head is used to remove the uneven skin of the underarms and the skin, and the skin is perfectly fit. The cheap lady shaver has only a straight cutter head, and it is difficult to remove the uneven skin hair such as underarms;

Third, according to the power supply method to choose

At present, the …

Winter Lip Care Tips

Why care for the lips?

The skin of the lips is the thinnest and most vulnerable part of the whole body skin. It lacks the protection of the stratum corneum and does not have the moisturizing sebum membrane secreted by the sebaceous glands and sweat glands.

Our lip skin is moisturized by the oil provided by a very small amount of sebum. If the lips are dry, go to eat, not only will this layer of weak protective film be removed, and some enzymes in the saliva may also cause irritation to the lips and cause tension.

To sum up: Don’t tear your mouth with your hands, don’t be embarrassed.

Be sure to pay attention to the daily cleaning of the lips

The cleansing of the lips is just as important as the cleansing of the face. Don’t think that you can apply a lip balm every day. In fact, the lips are like the skin every day. They use the lipstick to dress it up when they go out. Make-up remover ends its day trip.

Therefore, it is recommended that you use a special eye and lip makeup remover to gently remove the makeup from the lips every time you remove makeup. It is best to choose a non-alcoholic, mild-part lip makeup remover for lip makeup.

Remember the light-pressure makeup remover, don’t try hard, unless you want to have a sexy lip full of lip lines, otherwise, I didn’t say it.

Regular removal of lip keratin

We have done a good job of lip cleaning, but have not found that the state of the lips has not improved very well, because cleaning is just to help you achieve a daily cleaning effect, do not have too many expectations.

And it is not enough to simply remove makeup with makeup …

8 hints of a woman’s unhealthy body

You may have had these little problems, but not all of them are not taken seriously? If the following eight hints appear, it means that the body is not healthy, you should pay attention.

In the morning, the eyelids are slightly swollen and have dark circles.

This may be the result of prolonged fatigue. If edema often occurs, look at the kidneys. According to statistics, the probability of a woman suffering from kidney stones is 1.5 times that of a man. To eliminate fatigue and regularity of work and rest, you can also drink lotus leaf tea, which can help drain diuretic, eliminate edema, and help to lose weight.


Because you cry a little bit, maybe it doesn’t match your temperament. This requires viewing the thyroid gland, which is most sensitive to thyroid hormone disorders. Early performance: simple excitement, temper, crying, insomnia, appetite is good but it is getting thinner, and the accident is out of tune.


This may suggest cystitis or attachment inflammation. You should go to the hospital for blood tests and urine tests. If you can, you can do a cystoscopy to check out the symptoms. In addition, drink plenty of water every day, avoid spicy, spiced foods.

Often dizzy

You should check your blood pressure. People of any age may have low blood pressure, and women usually appear when they are 35-40 years old. To adjust your diet, pick some sports that are good for yourself, such as swimming, jogging, etc.

Hair loss

Dispersive hair loss (hair falling from the head), women are more likely to suffer from the disease than men. A large part of the hair loss is related to psychological stress, incorrect diet or excessive sebaceous gland secretion, and may also be caused by certain diseases or congenital diseases.

The legs …

Overcoming the key points of basal metabolism decline during fat loss

The key to overcoming the decline in basal metabolism during fat loss is to maintain the level of leptin. So what should we do? The level of leptin is related to two things.

1: body fat rate

2: Daily intake

Both of these are positively related to leptin levels, so we have two ways to increase leptin levels.

Method 1: Increase your body fat rate, that is, eat fat back. This is definitely no one wants to do it. So the only thing we can do is to start with the daily intake of calories.

Studies have found that changes in leptin are more sensitive to daily caloric intake. Once you start limiting your diet and creating a calorie gap, leptin will decline at a disproportionate rate. For example, in the first two weeks of calorie restriction, leptin levels are It may drop by 40% (although your body fat percentage does not drop as much), and you will find that after the leptin declines, the basal metabolism does not drop immediately, there will be a delay. And if one day you suddenly increase your calorie intake for the first two days, leptin may rise by 30% (when your body fat does not increase by 30%), so according to the change in heat properties of leptin, we get A very practical operation: Refeeding.

What is Refeeding? In order to overcome the decline in hormone adaptability during fat loss, we will deliberately add a few days of high calorie intake in the process of fat reduction, in order to artificially upregulate the level of leptin in our body, thereby deceiving the hypothalamus to improve our Basal metabolism, which in turn accelerates our fat loss process.

So how do you operate Refeeding? How long does it take to operate? How long does it …

Sharing some little knowledge about male hair removal

Some boys’ hair is particularly strong. Some people like to remove hair. There are many ways to remove hair, such as common hair removal cream, hair removal knife, etc. Although effective, it will also bring us some harm, especially laser hair removal, which has many hazards. Do you understand it?learn more

  1. Laser hair removal method for male hair removal method

The beam emitted by the laser machine will penetrate the surface of the skin and eventually be absorbed by the hair follicle. The hair follicle will be destroyed and the long hair will not be regenerated without damaging the surrounding tissue. The most melanin in the hair follicles in the growing period, the strongest absorption of light from the laser, has become the best target for the laser hair removal machine. The more melanin is, the clearer the hit rate is, and the more destructive it is to the hair follicle. The process of laser hair removal is simple and fast, and generally, no scar is left after treatment.

Note: The skin is not white enough, and the hair with lighter hair color is not suitable for laser hair removal. The laser may destroy the skin pigments and cause white spots or dark spots, which often take several months to recover.

  1. Electrolytic hair removal method for male hair removal method

Electrolysis is more primitive. The principle is to pierce the hair follicle with a small metal needle, and the current causes the electrolysis reaction of the tissue, thereby destroying the hair follicle and the hair bulb. This method can achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal. However, the operator’s requirements are high and only happens to penetrate the hair follicle, especially around the hairball, in order to effectively remove the hair.

Suitable for people: those with thicker hair or …

How to care for the lips, be away from the six major nursing mistakes.

Lip care is a topic that many women have been paying attention to. But the delicate lip skin always has various problems, so how can we maintain our lips? Can a homemade lip membrane help us? If you want to maintain your lips, you must stay away from the misunderstanding of care, so today I will introduce you to the six misunderstandings of lip care!

Mistake 1: Lips don’t need sunscreen and makeup remover

Wrong! Lip whitening means to restore the lips to a matte, transparent state like a child, rather than making the lips pale and bloodless. There are many reasons for pigmentation of the lips. The external causes include long-term use of lipstick, no removal of lip makeup, long-term use of lip balm, neglecting of lip sunscreen and so on. So what are the internal factors? First of all, if the blood circulation of the lips is not very good, or the oxygen in the blood of the lips is insufficient, it will inevitably cause our lips to become dull. Followed by keratin accumulation, if the keratin is not removed in time, the pigmentation will also occur in the lips!

I recommend doing lip sun protection work every day: Pay attention to lip makeup remover and purchase makeup remover specifically for lips; apply a thick layer of lip balm before applying lipstick. This will prevent the precipitation of lip pigments.

Mistake 2: Strong fruit acid removes lip keratin

Wrong! Because the lip has only a thin layer of stratum corneum that covers the dermis directly and has no sebum secretion, it is much thinner than the rest of the body. Therefore, the skin of the lips is actually very fragile. If you use a product containing a strong acid component or a facial scrub at this time, it …

Little knowledge about lip makeup remover

Cherry small mouth, sexy red lips are the words that describe the beautiful lips, the watery and rich lips naturally interpret the feminine romantic temperament. In daily life, eating, drinking, and talking must be used in the mouth, and lip care can’t be ignored. We often use lipsticks, lip glazes, etc. If the makeup is not cleaned for a long time, the lips will dry and darken. Many people think that the lip makeup remover is simply to wipe off the lipstick with a paper towel. Over time, the lips will become more and much drier, the lip lines will become deeper and darker, and the color will become darker and darker. How could this time not be sad?

The lipstick we sometimes use is waterproof. Use a cotton pad and a lip makeup remover to remove the makeup from the lips. We will feel cleaner. But after a long time, we will find that our lips are getting deeper and deeper, even if the lipstick is applied, it is not so beautiful. So where is the problem, let me explain it. When we remove the lip makeup, the excessive action will destroy the capillaries under the skin of the lips, causing the lip color to change, and even causing inflammation. In fact, like other parts of the face, the delicate lip skin also requires a special makeup remover.

According to one data, the lip is the longest part of the average makeup time. If you don’t remove makeup well, the lipstick that has accumulated in the gap of the lips for a long time will gradually hinder the normal metabolism of the lip skin, thus making the lip color darker and darker. Over time, the lips will be old, so a complete lip makeup remover is the key to …

What will you do for daily lip care

Everyone wants to have a beautiful lip, so how should we care for our lips in daily life? What misunderstandings do you have about lip care? Let us look at it together.

The first trick of nursing lips:

Cleaning should use lip-specific makeup remover oil to clean your lips, people with deep pleats on the lips, when removing makeup, fully remove the lipstick remaining in the pleats.

First gently press the cotton pad with the makeup remover on the lip for 5 seconds, then gently wipe it from the corner of the lips. The makeup in the pleats should be removed with a cotton swab and remove the makeup remover.

Remover Lips Note: If the skin of the lips is not properly removed, the lipstick that accumulates in the gap of the lips for a long time will gradually hinder the normal operation and breathing of the skin, and make the lip color darken. In particular, the lip does not have oil secretion glands, the makeup is not cleaned, and the dirt will not fall off automatically through the oil secreted by the skin. Over time, the lips will appear old and can no longer be “brightly dripping”.

The second trick of nursing lips:

Exfoliating only thoroughly removes the dry and lifted lip skin, and the lips will return to a smooth and delicate feeling. Exfoliating products for the lips, such as a refreshing mint formula, can be used to remove dead skin while repairing. Do it once a month, of course, the damaged lips should not be done first.

The third trick of nursing lips:

Massage with the index finger and thumb to pinch the upper lip, the thumb does not move, the moving index finger massages the upper lip in a circular way, pay attention to the movement …

Seven steps to teach you to properly care for the lips

People usually think that if they apply lip balm, they can protect their lips. In fact, the care of the lips should be comprehensive, because the endurance of the lips against environmental insults is the weakest and most “aging” of the entire body. Women usually pay too much attention to the knowledge of skin care, but they don’t know that the lips need to be carefully cared for, so that the lips appear dry and even peeling, losing the glory of the past. Lip care is the maintenance of the lips. The skin on the lips has always been exposed, and it is easily affected by the environment. Therefore, moisturizing and hydrating are the key lessons of winter lip protection.

For the problem of how to maintain the lips, the reason why the lips are easy to peel and crack is that the external environment will take away a lot of human body water, which leads to dry lips. In this regard, the effect of simply applying lip balm is not very significant, and the final result is also a temporary solution. It is recommended that you do a comprehensive in-depth care.

Step one: Makeup remover

It seems that female friends in life will wear lipstick before going out. One data shows that the lips are the longest part of the average makeup time. If you do not remove makeup properly, after a long period of accumulation, the lipstick in the gap of the lips will gradually hinder the normal metabolism of the lips, make the lip color darken, and even lead to deeper skin lines. In particular, the lips do not have oil secretion glands, and the makeup remover is not clean, the dirt will not fall automatically through the oil secreted by the skin. Over time, the lips …